Machine capacity

Struck Stahl GmbH – Machine capacity

Belt saw

  • Profiles max. 240 x 240mm
  • Cutting length max. 400mm

Belt saw

  • Profiles max. 400 X.400mm
  • Cutting length max. 800mm

Electrode welding equipment

MAG welding equipment

  • 300 to 500 A

Metal circular saw

  • Profiles 100 x 100

Pillar drilling machine

  • Drill diameter max. 50mm

Plasma cutting machine

  • max. 25mm

Plate schears

  • Cutting length max. 3.000mm
  • Plate thickness max. 25mm

Portal cutting machine with Copying device

  • max. 1,200 x 6.000mm

Radial drill

  • Throat max. 900mm
  • Drill diameter max. 65mm

Screw thread machine

  • External screw thread max. 52mm
  • Flank lead max. 6mm
  • Length max. 500mm


  • Round steel bar max. 45mm
  • Flat steel bar max. 200 x 16mm
  • L- and T-steel max. 120 x 12mm
  • Recess area max. 10mm
  • Hole punching max. 25 in 20mm

Trimming press

  • Trimming width max. 5600mm

Tubing bending and profile bending machine

Vertical milling machine

  • Milling diameter 100

Welding tractor for continuously seams